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Kitchens Remodeling in The Woodlands & Conroe


The kitchen is the new social and entertainment venue and the heart and soul of your home. It is where friends and family gather together for food, conversation, social events and entertainment. Remodeling your kitchen can completely transform your space and breathe new life into your old kitchen. It also can help you improve functionality, improve safety, increase the value of your home and increase the comfort for you and your family.

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Other than your bed, the bathroom is where we start and finish each day. The bathroom is a great space to decompress or unwind; either by taking a hot shower or a relaxing bath. The space and ambiance of your bathroom can dramatically impact your level of comfortability and relaxation. Additionally, the bathroom is one of the 2 most important rooms in the house when it comes to the re-sale and value of your home.

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Bathroom Remodeling in The Woodlands & Conroe
Flooring Remodeling in The Woodlands & Conroe


Flooring is an important aspect that ties together all the different rooms of your home and can greatly impact the flow of your house. Replacing old or worn floors can transform the feel/look of your whole home.

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The exterior of your home is important to maintain. Not only is it a major part of your home’s curb appeal; but it is one of the first defenses against the elements, it increases your energy efficiency and can reveal any potential structural damages you may not be aware of. Aging siding can lead to leakage around your windows, which can cause structural damage to your home. So, it is important to update your siding approximately every 10 years.

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Siding Remodeling in The Woodlands & Conroe
Windows and Doors Remodeling in The Woodlands & Conroe
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Windows and doors

The front door is a huge part of your home's first impression. It's a transitional part of the facade that makes a statement about who you are, and what people can expect when they walk into your home. Replacing your windows with an energy-efficient model can add to the overall value of your home, saving you as much as 20 percent on energy bills as well as qualifying you for certain tax credits in the United States.

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Windows and Doors Remodeling in The Woodlands & Conroe
kitchens remodeling in the woodlands conroe

Outdoor Living

Outdoor kitchens are an extension to your living space. They add warmth and purpose to an outdoor space giving you more square footage to enjoy!

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General renovation

Whether you need to update a room or add a room, we offer a wide variety of renovation services for your home.

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